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Carbide Burr Sets

We offer a huge selection of carbide burr sets made right here in the USA. Our carbide burrs ship same day your order is placed and include USPS delivery tracking.

Carbide burrs are used to remove unwanted edges from metals which is called deburring. We offer many different sized carbide burr cutting tools that are designed to shape, smooth and clean various types of materials.  Carbide burrs and rotary files are used in various applications for deburring, cylinder head porting, mold making, tool and die, metalworking, tool grinding, foundry, aerospace, automotive, dental laboratory, wood carving, farriers, metal smithing, sculpting, welding, chamfering, jewelry manufacturing, die casting, and metal casting.

Which Carbide Burr Cut Should You Choose?

Standard cut carbide burr cutting tool is designed for ferrous materials such as cast iron, steel, brass and copper alloys. Provides an excellent surface finish and removes the unwanted edges very quickly. Right hand spiral flute.

Double cut carbide burrs are designed for deburring heated metals and tough alloys. Right and left hand flutes are combined to produce super smooth finishes.  Slight left hand cutting action gives perfect control of both the burr and grinder.

Aluminum cut is used for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials. Works great for fast deburring and minimum chip loading.

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