Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper


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Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper

Electric Fly Swatter will easily kill all flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and gnats, just by waving at them with the electric fly swatter. And, the Electric Fly Swatter is small enough to take with you, wherever you go. The output power is relatively low, constituting no real hazard to humans or pets. The Electric Bug Zapper has no smell, and contains no poisonous or harmful materials. However, the net will become hot when activated, so please keep away from your skin, and from children. Electric Fly Swatter is safe for indoor or outdoor use. Electric Fly Swatter is praised as the most effective, convenient, and hygienic insect terminator, as it leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after

This is not your regular weak “AA” powered electronic bug zapper. Our Electronic Bug Zapper uses 2 “D” batteries which gives off a powerful 1,500 bug exploding volts!

Flying insects, we have been annoyed since day one by these. Running around trying to find a means to squash them!. Now this patented Electric Bug Zapper kills/electrocutes all flying insects such as mosquito’s, flies, gnats on contact, “just by waving the bug swatter at them.” Any insect really!.
It looks like a small tennis racket. A must for the home and garden! You can take the Electric Fly Swatter anywhere you go such as camping, the BBQ, beach, and your fishing trip. No more chasing down flying insects, just zap them with the Electric Fly Swatter with a simple wave!

The output power is relatively low, constituting no real hazard to humans or pets at all. Electric Bug Zapper kills insects upon contact when activated.

The Electric Bug Zapper has no smell, no poison or harmful materials.

The net will become hot when activated, so please keep away from skin and children. This is not a toy.

Just zap the flying bugs with a simple wave of the Electric Bug Zapper

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